Our Expedition

The Great Wall of China is a monument to thousands of years of culture. But today many parts of the wall, like the Jiankou section, risk erosion and destruction. The Jiankou wall spans mountain peaks and treacherous cliffs, making the preservation of this monument no easy task. To combat this nearly impossible challenge, Intel is partnering with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation to launch an innovative new approach to its restoration: Artificial intelligence and drones.

Creating a 3D Model with Drones

The Intel? Falcon? 8+ drone’s flight performance, reliability, and high-resolution image capture make it the perfect tool for the Great Wall restoration. The drones are able to capture thousands of detailed and highly accurate images of the wall, which can be stitched together to create a 3D model, delivering the Foundation a data-driven plan for the restoration.

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Detecting Structural Flaws with Artificial Intelligence

Our team uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect structural flaws on the Jiankou wall, and even calculate the exact amount of bricks needed to repair it. The entire workflow is powered by an Intel? Xeon? processor, from photogrammetry stitching to training, inferencing, and visualizing the 3D model. This enables the Foundation to restore the wall in a way that’s faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

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