DSP Builder for Intel? FPGAs


DSP Builder for Intel? FPGAs is a digital signal processing (DSP) design tool that enables Hardware Description Language (HDL) generation of DSP algorithms directly from the MathWorks Simulink* environment onto Intel? FPGAs. The tool generates high quality, synthesizable VHDL/Verilog code from MATLAB functions and Simulink models. The generated Register Transfer Level (RTL) code can be used for Intel? FPGA programming. DSP Builder for Intel? FPGAs is widely used in radar designs, wireless and wireline communication designs, medical imaging, and motor control applications.

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DSP Builder for Intel? FPGAs enables the implementation of DSP designs with high performance and productivity benefits. Here are some highlighted features:

  • Import RTL into your MathWorks* MATLAB/Simulink environment for co-simulation and code generation
  • Go from high-level schematic to low-level optimized VHDL targeted for Intel? FPGAs
  • Perform high-performance fixed- and floating-point digital signal processing (DSP) with vector processing, such as complex IEEE 754 single-precision floating point
  • Perform push-button design migration to Intel's hard floating-point DSP block in Intel? Arria? 10 and Intel? Stratix? 10 devices
  • Build custom arithmetic logic unit (ALU) processor architectures from a flat data-rate design with ALU folding
  • Perform high-level synthesis optimizations, auto-pipeline insertion and balancing, and targeted hardware mapping
  • Build custom fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms using a flexible ‘white-box’ fast Fourier transform (FFT) toolkit with an open hierarchy of libraries and blocks
  • Use a designer-specified system clock constraint to automatically pipeline, time-division multiplex/fold, and close timing
  • Access advanced math.h functions and multichannel data
  • Generate resource utilization tables for all designs without a Intel? Quartus? Prime Software compile
  • Automatically generate projects or scripts for the Intel? Quartus? Prime Software, Timing Analyzer, Platform Designer (formerly Qsys), and ModelSim*-Intel? FPGA Edition

What's New in 19.1

  • Added support for For-Loop blocks in C model export capability
  • Improved pipelining into very wide width-stitched memories resulting in higher quality of results
  • Improved integration of DSP Builder IP in Platform Designer

Getting Started

  •  Supported with the Intel? Quartus? Prime Design Software Pro/Standard Edition software. 
  • Download Pro Edition to target the latest Intel? Stratix? 10, Intel? Arria? 10, and Intel? Cyclone? 10 GX devices
  • Download Standard Edition to target Intel? Arria? 10, Stratix? V, Cyclone? V, Intel? Cyclone? 10 LP, and Intel? MAX? 10 devices
  • Additional DSP Builder and MATLAB licenses are required. Purchase DSP Builder license here. Purchase MATLAB license here
  • Required order of installation is
         1. Intel? Quartus? Prime
         2. MathWorks*
         3. DSP Builder for Intel? FPGAs
  • DSP Builder version history and software requirements
  • Learn how to add your DSP Builder license to your MATLAB installation

Documentation and Support

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