Drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security, and deploy dynamic service delivery with Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors. Support your hybrid cloud infrastructure and most demanding applications – including in-memory analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high performance computing (HPC), and network transformation.

Discover the platform benefits ?

Intel? Xeon? Platinum Processors

  • Demanding, mission-critical AI, analytics, hybrid-cloud workloads
  • Best performance
  • 2,4,8+ socket scalability

Intel? Xeon? Gold Processors

  • Workload-optimized performance, advanced reliability
  • Highest memory speed, capacity, and interconnects
  • Enhanced 2-4 socket scalability

Intel? Xeon? Silver Processors

  • Essential performance and power efficiency
  • Improved memory speed
  • Moderate range compute, network, and storage

Intel? Xeon? Bronze Processors

  • Affordable performance for small business and basic storage
  • Hardware-enhanced security
  • Reliable 2-socket scalability

The Intel Data-Centric Portfolio

Move Faster

Move Data Faster with Intel? Ethernet

Move data faster and accelerate delivery of new services and capabilities with Intel? Ethernet.

Learn more about Intel? Ethernet ?

Store More

Once-in-a-Generation Innovation

Optimize, store, and move larger, more complicated data sets with Intel? Optane? DC technology. Available in a variety of products and solutions, this revolutionary innovation fills critical gaps in the storage and memory hierarchy delivering persistent memory, large memory pools, fast caching and fast storage.

Intel? Optane? DC persistent memory ?

Intel? Optane? DC SSDs ?

Process Everything

Performance to Propel Insights

Intel’s industry-leading, workload optimized platforms, with built-in AI acceleration, provide the seamless performance foundation, to help speed data’s transformative impact, from the multi-cloud to the intelligent edge and back.

Intel? Xeon? processors ?

Intel? FPGA ?

Intel? Xeon? Scalable Platform: The Foundation for Data-Centric Innovation

Groundbreaking platform innovations for digital transformation.

Performance to Propel Insights

2nd Gen Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors deliver industry leading, workload optimized performance, with built-in AI acceleration, providing a seamless performance foundation, to help speed data’s transformative impact, from the multi-cloud to the intelligent edge and back.

View platform benchmarks

Business Resilience with Hardware-Enhanced Security

Enhanced data protection by design. Intel’s hardware-enhanced security helps to thwart malicious exploits while maintaining workload integrity and performance. Encryption efficiency to provide trusted data service delivery at rest, in use, and in-flight.

Intel? Security Libraries for Data Center (Intel? SecL - DC)

Build a Trusted Infrastructure

Agile Service Delivery

Platform innovations and hardware-enhanced virtualization across compute, network, storage, all with support for a new class of memory innovation that fuels the cost-efficient, flexible, scalable multi-cloud, to consistently deliver amazing business-to-business and business-to-consumer experiences.

Intel? Infrastructure Management Technologies

Transform Critical Data-Centric Workloads

See how 2nd Gen Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors and Intel’s industy-leading data-centric portfolio can help you modernize your infrastructure and accelerate data insights across AI, analytics, cloud, and HPC.

Learn more

Accelerate Time to Value with Intel? Select Solutions

Simplify your data center deployment with rigorously benchmark tested and verified solutions optimized for real-world performance. These solutions accelerate infrastructure deployment on Intel? Xeon? processors for today’s critical workloads.

Learn more

Learn More About Intel's Data-Centric Platform

Watch the video to discover how Intel's data-centric portfolio of products unlocks benefits from the heart of the data center to the edge and back.

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