Mobile devices that start faster, work longer, and support high-res Ultra HD 4K multimedia and high Frames Per Second (FPS) streaming. Efficient intelligence for devices at the network edge. These processors deliver advanced technology and processing capabilities onto an ultra-thin and lightweight design. Now it’s possible to get things done faster than ever.

All Processors



Intel Atom? x7 Processors

  • Next-generation tablets
  • Blazing fast communication and processing
  • 3D capture and context aware

Intel Atom? x5 Processors

  • High performance on the go
  • Enhanced gaming
  • Security built in

Intel Atom? x3 Processors

  • High-performance smartphones
  • Dual camera support and HD graphics
  • Extended battery life

Intel Atom? C Processors Series for Networking and Storage

  • Lower power at the network edge
  • Cost-effective storage
  • Integrated Intel? QuickAssist Technology (Intel? QAT)
  • Integrated Intel? Ethernet

Intel Atom? Processors for the Internet of Things

  • System on a chip
  • Low power consumption makes everyday objects smarter and more useful

Features and Performance

Enjoy Enhanced Performance

Intel Atom? processors bring you all the latest capabilities, so you don’t sacrifice power and performance for portability. The processors support multiple cameras, improved security features including biometric passwords, and wireless display on multiple screens.

Get a Processor with Staying Power

Intel Atom? processors are more energy-efficient and use less power. That means they can keep going as long as you do on the road—and when they are used in servers, they can help you reduce the space and energy needed to protect and store your data.

See and Hear the Difference

Intel Atom? processors work beautifully with the latest audio and video technology, including 3D capture and 1080 HD graphics and voice. With better noise filters included, Intel Atom? processors make every call or video clearer than ever before.

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