How New Computers Raise the Bar for Endpoint Security Protection

How New Computers Raise the Bar for Endpoint Security Protection

How New Computers Raise the Bar for Endpoint Security Protection

Cyber security threats have never been greater, as hackers constantly launch new variations on malware, such as the recently discovered WannaCry and NotPetya. To combat these threats, businesses need to step up their security measures, including both hardware and software tools, from end-to-end encryption to multifactor authentication and beyond.

This endpoint security white paper ...outlines the components of an efficient and effective cyber security solution that starts at the endpoints.

So, what does this security solution look like? One way forward is being offered by Intel and a number of Intel?-based PC and device manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and others. The latest generation Intel? Core? vPro? processor-based devices bake identity and data protection into the hardware itself. These security solutions deal with the main weaknesses in current malware protection:
? They strengthen user authentication to curb hackers using stolen credentials— still the main cause of data breaches.

? They protect data, even when it’s used by an increasingly mobile workforce, outside the company perimeter and firewalls.

? They make it easier for organizations to recover from attacks by quickly isolating infected devices.

When companies simply update the security software on their devices, they essentially change the locks on the doors. That helps, but it doesn’t address the real problem: It’s easier to pick or bypass a lock than it is to break down a reinforced steel door. In the case of endpoints, silicon is the steel, and upgrading to new devices with Intel? Authenticate and Intel? Data Guard reinforces corporate doors.

Upgrading to new devices powered by latest generation Intel? Core? vPro? processors doesn’t only improve performance, it offers businesses an entire platform of hardware-enhanced security solutions.

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